Friday, 10 October 2014

GoPro. Hero.

Last week GoPro released 2 new cameras to their amazing product range, the Hero and the Hero 4. The Hero is their new entry-level model costing a mere £99.99. At this price I decided to snap one up, not knowing what to expect I took it out for 2 walks with the dog to test it, hardly the extreme sports GoPro's are normally used for, but it's a start.

The Hero has 2 buttons; the on/off switch, which doubles as the settings button, and the shutter button. This is so simple to use and really easy to switch between shooting modes. You can shoot 5mp pictures or video at 1080p at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second, there is a timelapse option as well. It is fully waterproof to 40m which is so exciting for the summer trips to the beach.

I am yet to buy the accesories but have found the camera so easy to use, with it fitting in the palm of my hand. I can't wait to keep playing with it!

This is some of the footage I've captured.

Overall, it's a fantastic little camera, and if you're thinking of getting one. Go for it!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Goodwood Revival. Part Two.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post about the Goodwood revival last week. And as promised here is part 2.

After the cars we decided to head to 'Gasoline Alley' the American swing with trailers as bars and a live swing band. 

As the band played the wonderful songs of the 50's the crowd was bouncing and there was a bit of hand-jiving going on.

These photos may be my favourite from the day, I love the movement and I was waiting ever so patiently for a partner...they never came though. Oh well.


 Once the band had finished their set we took a stroll to play with the old arcade games. Where we found this;

Urm Okay? We decided not to test our manhood, but took a look round the other games.

There are so many more photos I want to show off, it was a fabulous day with so much to do. So I recommned heading along next year, book early for the weekend tickets. 

Thank You Goodwood.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Goodwood Revival. Part One.

Last Friday my sister and I took a trip to the Goodwood Racecourse which, in turn, felt like we had turned back time by 50 years.

Be warned, you may want a cup of tea and a biscuit, the next two posts are very picture heavy!

After a drive down the m25 and sitting through rush-hour and event traffic we were very relieved to get out of the car and be surrounded by people dressed to the nines in 40s, 50s and 60s attire. 

Before you get to the gates you are invited to take a wander through lanes of vintage cars, rows of vintage shops and names you recognise drifted back in time. 

Butlins, Now, I've only ever been for the day to Butlins but with their roller-skating rink I'm sure many people were reminded of family holidays taken.

After a while of wondering we decided to head into the event, the theme, Brighton and summer by the seaside.

This features all of the mods and the beautiful mopeds. The rockers would come up later. 

For a 20 year old, an aspect of the revival I found amazing was all of the familiar brands that I had no idea had been around for so long. I guess I thought everything had been invented fairly recently.

After the long drive and a bit of walking through the 50s we decided it was time for a snack and some water. There was only one place we knew, Tesco.

Except this was not Tesco as we know it, in true Goodwood fashion, this too was reverted back in time, 

Well, you don't get ladies singing outside your local Tesco everyday, do you?

I was so surprised when I found that we could buy some chocolate-shaped goodies that were in the packaging of the 50s. 

And yes, we also found that we could use our clubcard!

Now, I love my fair share of cars, and the ones on show were right up my street, my eyes did tint green at points wishing I could own one of these beautiful machines.


After we looked at the cars on show, we took time in Gasoline Alley. You'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out what that is. Sorry!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This Is Me.


If you follow this blog, you may remember the post back in June about giving the blog a good go and with determination to update at least once a week with lifestyle, fun, and all sorts of posts.

It didn't happen. 

During the past months I have still thought about my little blog and how I should really write something, but something just told me no. Then it came to me, why I felt like this. I was putting pressure, pressure that made me worry in case I didn't get a post up, worry about the time to write a half-decent post, and my brain said no. I don't like having to complete any activity that I love if I've been put under pressure to do it. 

I feel I needed to share the 'why' part with you guys. It allows me to move on and say 'This Is Me' a 20 year old student, who's a hopeless dreamer, procrastinator who loves her faith, write and do a whole bunch of other fun things. 


I am not perfect and definitely will never be perfect.  I just want to share parts of my life with you on a Lydia time frame. That may mean not having a post for a couple of weeks, not a tweet every day, but I want to share that I love this and will keep sharing the other things I love.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bucket List.

For a while now I've been thinking of all the things I want to do, so I thought, why not post it. Maybe you guys could help make some of this happen!

So here it goes;

  1. Road Trip Route 66,
  2. Learn to surf,
  3. Surf Bondi Beach,
  4. Have a first-class degree,
  5. Be happy with my body,
  6. Write an article for a newspaper or magazine,
  7. Go to Glastonbury Festival,
  8. Have a ride in a hot air balloon,
  9. Learn a second language,
  10. Have a bonfire and camp out on the beach,
  11. Pay for the car behinds petrol,
  12. See the Northern Lights,
  13. Write, and publish my own book, 
  14. Learn how to change a flat tyre,
  15. Travel abroad alone,
  16. Do a photo a day challenge, 
  17. Head to Africa and volunteer, 
  18. Travel First-Class,
  19. Make the most of every day,
  20. Enjoy the sunshine,
  21. Own a boat,
  22. Make someone smile everyday,
  23. Raise £5,000 for charity, 
  24. Head to the airport and fly,
  25. See a drive-in movie,
  26. Be an amazing nurse, 
  27. Love more,
  28. Visit every continent,
  29. Dance in the rain,
  30. Never give up my dreams, 
  31. Send a message in a bottle,
  32. Meet someone with the same name as me,
  33. Be remembered for the work I do,
  34. Say 'I Do'
  35. Watch the sunrise, 
  36. Step out of my comfort zone every week, 
  37. Laugh everyday,
  38. Plant a tree,
  39. Thank everyone who's influenced me,
  40. Spend quality time with my loved ones.
 Even though this list is full of adventures and other exciting stuff, I genuinely just want to be happy in life. 

Let me know what you have on your bucket lists below!


Monday, 30 June 2014

DIY Camera Bag

Ever Since I bought my nifty Canon 1100D, I knew I wanted a pretty bag. I got a free bag with the camera which sorted me out for a couple of months, but with Summer here, and lots of day trips happening, I did not want to be a thief's perfect target, or a typical tourist! 

I set out on Pinterest for pretty camera bags, with one's costing upwards of £100, I decided it was time to make one. I think I should let you know I always believed myself not to be creative, at all. So this would be interesting. 

All I bought was;

The Bag. Mine's from TK Maxx with a long shoulder strap, two shorter straps, and lots of space! It was for sale for a bargain of £24.99.
Fabric I got 1 metre and have lots left over,
Glue Gun,

First up, I roughly measured out the wadding to line the bag, and an extra piece or 2 for lens separators. I doubled the thickness of the wadding just to make it that bit more soft.

I then measured out and cut the fabric accordingly to the wadding. Fold the edges of the fabric inside to make a slight hem together and glue and stick.

Carry this on with all of your wadding. Warning: This took me about an hour, maybe because I was a little OCD over it? It's worth it though.

So after the fabric's glued over the wadding, you need to place the Velcro on. Just be sure to test the wadding in the bag and know where you want everything.  

If it's all good, go ahead and velcro that baby up! 

I left my small piece (lens separator thing) without velcro so I can move it around in the bag for different lenses. 

Once the velcro's on I suggest placing it in the bag for a couple of hours to secure it. 

Then you can pop in your camera and admire your beautiful bag. Don't forget you can take the inside pieces out of the bag and put them in other bags for different outfits/occasions.

I love that my camera has a very stylish home, and I can also fit my keys, purse etc. in the bag too.

I'd love to see your camera bags. Post a picture below!